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About us

Sakarova is a company dedicated to beauty items with more than two years in the market. We are the first company that is committed to innovating in the nail market, allowing us to save large amounts of packaging, since with just 5 dispensers you get more than 120 colors through a Web App.  

The specific product we offer is Drop Color Nails, it is a semi-permanent gel polish with a duration of 7 to 14 days, packaged in 5 7ml dispensers. each (white, black, red, blue and yellow) that are combined with each other following simple instructions in a web app to obtain up to 120 colors for more than 1,200 nails.

Currently there are large numbers of brands offering different gel polishes, but they all handle different color ranges, which means that having a wide range implies making a very large product investment. Which at the time of purchase already has a loss of 20% included since some dry out and no matter how hard they try to get all the product, there is always residue at the bottom.

That is why we revolutionized the gel enamel system by creating an enamel that can be combined with each other to obtain more than 120 colors with only 5 dispensers, without unnecessary containers to spend and store, through a web app, and the Residues are almost nil since, since the measurements have to be millimetric, the dispenser system makes every last drop come out.

Likewise, the current gel enameling takes more than 25 minutes since 3 steps are required, base color and gloss. Ours is in a single step, which reduces the enameling time by 60%.

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